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Air conditioning

Aircon maintenance

At Digital Refrigeration, we have specifically devised packages and programs which cater to air conditioning service and maintenance. This has to be periodically undertaken by all as it helps the ACs to work at optimum levels and will also help augment its efficiency. Not just this, the running costs in terms of power consumption will be lower and its life expectancy would be markedly improved.

Digital Refrigeration caters to both residential and commercial clients and therefore, if air conditioning maintenance for offices, homes, commercial buildings and more is sought, we will be able to take care of it.

Air conditioning installation

If you want Digital Refrigeration to take care of any air conditioning installation, we have experienced technicians and personnel who will take care of AC installations and also setting it up.

Not just this, if you are not sure what type of air conditioning is required for your home or building and also keeping in mind your budget, we suggest accordingly.

After air conditioning installations, any after sales support and service is definitely there. So if you want split air conditioners or ducted air conditioning, or any other type of ACs to be installed, just reach out to us.

Air conditioning repairs

If you notice any issues or problems with your air conditioning, then contact Digital Refrigeration as we take care of the air conditioning repairs of any popular Australian brands. Alongside repairs, if you want maintenance, servicing and replacements of any parts that too are covered under the services we offer.

If you want Digital Refrigeration to take care of the freezer, cold rooms or refrigeration services, write to us at digital.fridgeservice@gmail.com or you may call us on 0410 824 999.

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