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Cold Room Restoration

As per, www.food-retail.danfoss.com the purpose of a Cold Storage room is defined as, “A cold storage room is a refrigerated food storage chamber that prevents perishable food from spoiling.”

So, it is pretty clear that a cold storage room helps prevent decay of food, fresh produce and foodstuffs. In turn it refrigerates the fresh produce and also frozen and previously cooled foods and products. On a general basis, products like veggies and fruit, meats, fish, frozen products, dairy products and beverages are stocked here.

Since these are different types of products, it needs different settings in terms of temperature and in the event there is a problem with the cold storage or cold room, then you need to immediately engage experts or specialists to restore the cold room to its working condition.

That is where we come in and as part of our cold room restoration services, we engage in:

  • That is where we come in and as part of our cold room restoration services, we engage in:
  • Decontaminating the surface
  • Ensuring protection to the surface
  • Cold room cleaning, service and maintenance
  • Cleaning the fans, flooring, walls, ceiling and coils in the cold room
  • Protecting the drain line
  • Replacing, servicing and restoring the cold room to its basic functioning way

Freezer and Refrigerator- repairs, installation and maintenance

Do you notice things like your freezer is getting too frosty and icy? Do you feel your fridge is not cooling to its optimum levels? Or you notice the food or dairy products are getting spoilt and there is an odour coming from your fridge. Whatever it is, there seems to be something wrong or the going isn’t too good and so before you jump to conclusion gets experts like Digital Refrigeration to come inspect and take stock about the health of your freezer and refrigerator.

Depending upon the conclusions of our technicians, we will determine what the problem is and take care of the servicing, repairs and replacements.

We have on board fully licensed and qualified technicians who will repair and service any Australian brand refrigerators and freezers. We strictly meet prescribed Australian standards.

If you want Digital Refrigeration to take care of the freezer, cold rooms or refrigeration services, write to us at digital.fridgeservice@gmail.com or you may call us on 0410 824 999.

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