Cold and Freezer Rooms Installation

At Vave, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality when we design your refrigeration solution. We ensure that our custom-made solution exactly fits the requirements of our clients and makes their business more efficient. We pride ourselves on getting the work done timely and within the budget requirements of our clients.

Customised Cool and Freezer Rooms

Cool and Freezer rooms are an integral part of any hospitality business and is required to keep the food fresh and safe for use.  Vave Digital Refrigeration specializes in building custom cool and freezer rooms for your business. We have over 27 years of experience in building these refrigeration solutions that best meet your budget and requirements.

We offer to provide a free consultation before we take a project, where our experienced technicians come down to your premises to discuss your requirements. We will either suggest an established refrigeration solution from our side or will work closely with you to provide a custom-made solution for your business. 

Our experienced staff ensures a high-quality design with a fast turnaround time. We take care of the design and the installation process, so you can just sit back and relax from the day you contact us. 

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Vave Digital Refrigeration is a pioneer in refrigeration and air-conditioning services. Backed by operators that have more than 20 years of refrigeration and air-conditioning experience, the company has carved out its own space in the market.

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